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My Healing Journey – Update 11.12.2019

Appointment with Sarah Poplar, Haematologist 9th December, 2019 Several issues were discussed FISH test result *– this a test done on the biopsy of Thomas’ bone marrow to determine the generic ‘type’ of myeloma he has. The results were inconclusive … Continue reading

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My Healing Journey

On or about the 11th October, 2019, Thomas hurt his back trying to lift up the garage door. He put this down to a stupid move. He felt the twinge and knew immediately that he had strained his back. On … Continue reading

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Fortified Malta

We spent a few more days meandering along the coast of Gozo and popping over to the honeycombed island of Comino before heading to Malta. Our time on Gozo was well spent with Mary-Rose and David exploring the various bays … Continue reading

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The Rush to Malta

Cruising along the coast of Sicily to the most southern point put us at our best position for hopping over to Gozo. Coastal scenery kept our interest as forts and towers passed us by. The designs varied but distinguishing features … Continue reading

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Gaylyn discovering her qi on Qi

Fluorescent alien-like green blobs floating aimlessly through the wake of the boat at night, pods of dolphins surfing our bow wave, meteor showers filling a starry sky are amongst some of the precious moments of sailing in Qi over the … Continue reading

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