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Stuck in NZ

German Version And again I have not posted while in NZ although plenty has happened since my last post in November. See the photographic evidence in the Gallery below: ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Gaylyn and I have had  a … Continue reading

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Stunning Rainbow Reef

We went Diving yesterday and again today with local dive guide Jack Fisher. He shows you the best places in the Rainbow Reef and takes care of you and your boat while you enjoy the stunning underwater world of the … Continue reading

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Fiji in Shades of Grey

If you are expecting some sort of erotic adventure I am sorry to disappoint you. The title is referring to the weather in Fiji. I have recently added code to all my webpages to include Google analytics and Google search … Continue reading

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Where the heck is Wallis

My last blog was from Savai’i, the wilder Island of Samoa, so I have quite a bit to catch up on because after a brief stop in (where the heck is) Wallis we have meanwhile arrived in Fiji. Things were … Continue reading

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Best Blowhole ever

Sounds a bit boring doesn’t it ? Best blowhole ever – so what.  But this one really left me impressed. I just couldn’t believe it. So I just have to special feature it. We were touring the island of Savai’i, … Continue reading

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Honorable Mentions

I think I might qualify for an honorable mention by the Darwin Awards . The honorable mention is granted to those who have failed to receive the actual award due to survival but are up and coming to in the competition to … Continue reading

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Samoan Affairs

For the first time since Panama we have openly disobeyed official orders. I was about to write for the first time ever, but then our exit from Panama crossed my mind.  I will write about that another time – maybe. … Continue reading

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New Post Map

I am currently going through the effort of putting all posts and galleries on a google map so you can select them by region. So far I have the Pacific covered. Feel free to try it under Post Map in … Continue reading

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Touring Samoa

Took a tour around the south and east side of the Island. Loved it. Junior our taxi driver and Guide showed us the highlights of Samoa. Starting of with the Samoan  version of a meat pie, which he bough for … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

.. , running against the wind – reminds me of an old Bob Seger song . For the first time ever since we are sailing Qi, we have engaged in a 350 mile upwind passage across open ocean. Looked like a … Continue reading

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