Fortified Malta

We spent a few more days meandering along the coast of Gozo and popping over to the honeycombed island of Comino before heading to Malta. Our time on Gozo was well spent with Mary-Rose and David exploring the various bays and restaurants from land. Mary-Rose pointed out places of importance during her formative years here on Gozo. It helped paint the picture of who this ‘very Australian’ individual grew to become the genuine and caring person she is today. It gave us a personal touch to this island. Comino was a treasure trove of caves and arches full of plants and fish. Lacking air in our tanks didn’t stop us from exploring the depths due to the high visibility. Thomas was free-diving to the same depths as a train of divers transiting through the caves. I just remained in the spa of rising bubbles. Quite a few of the caves had more than one entry and we almost managed to get the dinghy through a few of them. We had a quiet night at anchor under a star lit sky and new moon. We sailed around the eastern end of Comino to Malta the following day. The continuous fortification of the cities was awesome as we arrived in Grand Harbour. The formidable structures must have worn down many would-be conquerers in the past. We couldn’t imagine where they had found so much stone. It’s amazing that Malta isn’t way below sea level! Avoiding the local interpretation of gondolas zigzagging across the harbour, we docked at the marina to take in the local sights and work out the logistics of collecting the new sails the captain had ordered. This ended up being an easy operation which left us lots of time to explore the maze of streets in Valetta, the major of the three cities. The death of a valued ex prime minister and the saint’s birthday meant we were treated to fireworks every night and parades through the streets accompanied by sombre brass music. This painted unique memories for us. We returned to Gozo after a couple of adventurous days. More diving, socialising and exploring before we head off to Sicily again.

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  1. Tina says:

    Haha, as times goes bye… but Memories are still in my heart… In the early 80’s, I traveled quite often to Malta and Comino, to catch some wind for my favorite sport in these early days: Windsurfing… And my first travelstory, I ever wrote in my Life, was about this little paradise… Love it… Enjoy and have a great turn back ro Sicily…:o)

  2. Sven says:

    Hallo Skipper,

    da bin ich gerade mal aus der Generalüberholung (Synapsen-Check), ist auch schon wieder alles anders auf deiner Bootsplanke. Ich freue mich, dass du eine tolle Segel-und-Turtel-Partnerin in Gaylin (guter Name!) gefunden hast. Zu zweit is schon schöner Abenteuer zu erleben. Wie kann man dich denn jetzt noch erreichen? Stimmt deine Exel-Planung noch? Ab dem 16.09 auf Malle? Oder doch Sizilien? Lass von dir hören, vielleicht bekomme ich ja noch einen Besuch zum Segeln hin.

    Lieben Gruß Sven

    • thomas says:

      Hi Hübi, was meinst Du mit Synapsen-Check. Klingt wie Neurologe. Tja die Zeit fliegt, hier ist tatsächlich alles anders. Aber mir geht es blendend, habe haufenweise Spass und die Segelei geht auch voran. Mal sehen, wie ich das finde wenn wir den Ritt auf die balearen hinter uns haben, denn das wird noch einmal sportlich. Ich melde mich bei Dir wenn ich wieder eine Nummer habe..

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