QI@02°12,96’S 094°04,33’W 24.05.2014 07:51 UTC-6

Taking off from Galapagos was not as easy as planned. A big Tourist boat was anchored behind us and was swaying back and forth accross our stern anchor making it hard to retrieve. Also we had chosen the perfect time for our departure as a squall was just passing over Puerto Ayora. So hauling in the anchor was a pretty wet business and to make it even harder the wind was pushing us sideways into the rope so that without an anchor winch it was a tough job to retrieve. Luckily a crew member of the tourist boat noticed our situation and helped us out with a dinghy, pushing us away from the other vessel and towards our anchor. After that we steamed out of Academy Bay against the wind and rain..
43 hours and 247 nm later we are again in unpleasant weather. In between we had a mix of sunshine and cloudy weather and between 12 and 18 knots of wind. Altogether a good setup for getting on, we are making an average of almost 6 kn. Unfortunately the wind refuses to turn further east. Currently it is blowing 17-20 kn from 165° forcing us to pound against a rough sea on a close reach. It seems we will have to wait some more for the anticipated true tradewind sailing – chilling out in sunny weather with a nice breeze from behind. According to the gribfiles (my main source of weather information) it might take several days to encounter those sort of conditions.
Nevertheless we are making the best of the situation. Yesterday Gaylyn served up delicious champignon crepes in cream sauce with vegetables. A bit hard to keep on the plate in the shaky conditions but still a real treat. Later we watched a movie before starting into another dull and long night of watches. I would have expected the open pacific to be an empty space and would not have bothered about keeping too serious night watches, but yesterday while I was having an afternoon nap, Gaylyn had two fishing vessels come pretty close. Neither of them appeared on the AIS so either they aren’t equipped with it or they might just not want to be noticed. The result is, that so far we stick to the routine of setting alarms and waking up to assess the situation and take a look around every 20 minutes on watch.

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