QI@04 15.08’S 105 40.63’W 29.05.2014 08:13 UTC-6

After passing through some rough weather yesterday afternoon, with winds above 20kn and a choppy unpleasant sea we are in calmer conditions again this morning. We had reefed quite a bit for the night to allow the windpilot to do his job and to not be shaken around so violently. Giskard (the wind pilot) does not like too much sail up. He tends to turn to a beam or close reach and stay there when there is too much weatherhelm. In the conditions we had yesterday that means not only that we are going way too far south but also that we are getting the waves from the side. So to not have to check on Giskard constantly and get a little sleep instead we rather reduce sail and speed a little.
We are still making relatively good progress. Overall speed is now below 6kn but probably sometime today we will have the first third behind us distancewise. We are still hoping that we will make it in roundabout 3 weeks which gives us another 2 weeks to go.
Meanwhile we are running out of fresh fruit. The luxurious days of fresh passionfruit, orange and papaya for breakfast are allmost over. The only fruit we have left is a giant watermellon, and we are praying that it has lastet and is not rotten from inside.

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