QI @ 04°32.82’S 112°17.56’W 01.05.2014 08:20 UTC-7

Our 10th day on the pacific. The strong winds that have driven us towards the marquesas have died down to a mere breeze. Where before we were hoping for a bit less wind to get rid of the nasty chop we are now hoping for more again. For the last 48 hours we have been crawling along with between 4 and 5 kn of speed. Beeing rid of the chop hasen’t made the movement of the boat much more comfortable. We are now sailing on a broad reach and there is a majestic swell running from behind so that QI is rolling quite a bit. Unfortunately the winds have been very unsteady the last days so that the windpilot needs constant attention and adjustment. This forces us to use the electric autopilot at night.
The good news is that with the winds from the back quarter I was able to set up the genoa using the spinnacker boom. That goves us good speeds even in low wind and stops the sail from luffing and banging into the sheets. With todays more constant wind (so far) I am thinking about using the genacker to get some more speed out of the boat and also for the sheer beauty of the sail.
Our progress has slowed down quite a bit. Our 48 hour average speed is just above 5 kn, the average speed for the last 14 hours around 4.5 kn. I had been hoping to be half way today but it looks like instead tomorrow will be the day. We might try and head further south to see if we find stronger tradewinds there…
On the other side the pacific shows its sheer beauty in this sort of weather. The long swell looks like moving hills sometimes and there are a surprising lot of birds around us. That is quite unbelievable, the next land beeing more than 1300 nm (2400km) away. It must be connected to the fertility of the sea. We see swarms of flying fish jump out of the water constantly and every morning we find some of them on deck together with a number of squid. We have no idea how the squid make it on deck. Initially we thought they were beeing washed on deck with breaking waves but meanwhile we are sailing completely dry with hardly a splash coming over the sides so that explanation does not work any more.

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