QI@05 23.71’S 116 56.40’W 03.06.2014 08:10 UTC-7

The wind has been with us the last days. On sunday it we experienced relatively low winds around 13 to 15 kn. We had a beautiful day of sailing, flying the genakker. The huge sail is not only wonderful to look at but it really makes the most of the wind and takes away much of the rolling of the boat. We took it down for the night because we do not want it to get us in trouble should a squall approach unseen in the dark. The genakker can be a real pain to handle and to get down if it the wind picks up. Now we are sailing with a setup that is a little unusual but gives us an excellent speed and is easy to maintain. After working hard going through a lot of different sail setups on Sunday I have a bit of a sore elbow and I am trying to give it a rest. I have the genoa boomed out with the spinakker pole and the main out on the same side. The boomed out genoa does not make too much sense with the apparent wind coming from around 120 but it keeps the sail from luffing bocand
banging into the sheets when it gets shaded off by the main. We are making excellent progress with averages mostly around 6 kn.
As of yesterday morning (day 11) we have passed half of the distance and had a little celebration. Gaylyn spoiled me with Vietnamese spring rolls for lunch and kofta balls for dinner. I fear she will not be able to keep up the quality of the food much longer. Fresh fruit is basically finished and veggies are running low too. So we will find us feeding on canned foods soon. As of today are looking at about 10 to 12 days and 1350 nm to go.
Compared to the atlantic the pacific is full of life. Not only that we are constantly surrounded by flying fish, if you take a look around you can spot birds around all the time. On sunday we spotted a (presumably) humpback whale about 300 mts away from the boat. Yesterday we had pod of dolphins play around the boat for a while while gaylyn was washing her hair on the back deck. Later in the afternoon we heard a strange sound which we had not heard before. Not having a clue what it was I tried to locate it, thinking it came from the electric autopilot which generates a lot of strange noise anyway. Gaylyn, who had gone up to the cockpit found the answer. The noises were generated by a pod of pilot whales that were around the boat communicating loudly.
Apart from enjoying nature’s entertainment program, we are killing time reading, watching movies in the evening and chilling out. Gaylyn is doing a hell of a job keeping the spirits up with delicious meals. She definately knows how to make the best out of an otherwise slightly boring and claustrophobic situation.

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