QI @ 07°07.95’S 126°33.82’W 07.06.2014 18:20 UTC

Day 17 at sea. The wind has been blowing with 20-24 kn for the last 48 hours and we have been making averages well above 6kn. The downside to that is, that the sea is pretty rough and Qi is rolling wildly. We are about 760 nm or 6 days away from the Marquesas and are starting to count down the time. We have not had a lot of entertanment the last days except for Gaylyns continuously delicious meals and our daily movie session. There is not much life to spot around us except for the flying fish. Now and then there are some birds in the distance but way less than before.
So we are basically killing time, living for the meals, the daily movie, reading books and chilling. Qi is running under autopilot most of the time except when I am bored enough to take over the helm for a while. The waves are pretty close to 3 m in height and they toss the boat about quite a bit and make steering hard work. It is not really an option in the morning anyway, because as we are going pretty much west (260°) in the first half of the day there is no escape from the mercyless equatorial sun while on the helm.

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