Winter is coming

Winter is coming ! In New Zealand that means that the weather it is getting rather cold and wet. Time to get going and follow the sun.

Finally we have made up our mind about where to go. We are currently moored up in Marsden Cove Marina where we will check out of New Zealand tomorrow morning and head north east to Tongatapu, Tonga. After checking in to the kingdom we are planning to visit the Ha`apai and Vava`u groups of the Tongan Archipelago and then head on to Western Samoa. Once we are done there, we plan to turn around and go south east to Fiji.Altogether we have about 5-6 months of time to kill before we will head back to New Zealand for the cyclone season and the southern summer.

It looks like its going to be a rather calm passage. The weather predictions don’t promise much wind but we’d think rather spend a day more on a slow passage into warmer water than wait another 7 to 10 days in miserable weather. We will probably not post in the next 9 days while on the passage but will do so as soon as internet is available again.

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