Touring Samoa

Took a tour around the south and east side of the Island. Loved it. Junior our taxi driver and Guide showed us the highlights of Samoa. Starting of with the Samoan  version of a meat pie, which he bough for us on the way up to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. We will have to go back there  because we did not enter the museum nor did we hike up the mountain to see his grave and the view over the north coast.

Next was the bahai temple , the Mother Temple of the pacific Islands. I had never heard about the bahai faith before and was surprised by their beautiful messages.

We carried on through the beautiful Samoan landscape, passing little villages nicely decorated with flowers, houses surrounded by neat little gardens. A lot of the life of a Samoan family seems to take place in the open. Every family has a big open pavilion through which the breeze can flow and that’s where you hang out. Meanwhile Junior got us some fresh coconut to drink – probably the most delicious coconut water I have tried so far.

Samoa is a mountainous island covered in dense jungle with plenty of rivers and waterfalls. Although there is only an extinct volcano on Upolu it seems that the Island has seen a lot of lava flows in the not so far away past. After visiting the beautiful Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa we took a bath in the To Sua Ocean Trench. To Sua has beautiful rock pools, blow holes  and swim through caves and is a perfect place to spend some time and get out of the heat.

We carried on to Lalomanu to have lunch. Lalomanu or White Sand Beach is the backpackers beach hangout in Samoa, where you can hire a beach hut for small money. By far the nicest beach we have seen so far in Samoa.

The trip then took us back around the eastern point and the north coast to Apia. The landscape there is rather impressive with steep mountains and lush green valleys and stunning views over bays and the islands reef fringed coast.

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