Best Blowhole ever

Sounds a bit boring doesn’t it ? Best blowhole ever – so what.  But this one really left me impressed. I just couldn’t believe it. So I just have to special feature it.

We were touring the island of Savai’i, the wild western sister of Upulo, the bigger of the two main islands of Samoa. One of the attractions you find on the tourist map are the Alofaaga Blowholes located near Taga in the very south of the island.

The coastline here consists of lava flows that look like they are not very old. The black lava is cooking away in the intense sunlight, it feels like you get baked the minute you step onto it. The swell of the southern pacific crashes directly on to the  rocky coast. It seems that the lava is not as solid as it looks. When walking over to where the blowholes are you can hear hissing noises in places and looking into the puddles of salt water you see little bubbles forming periodically from fissures. It seems that parts of the rocks have lava tunnels running  underneath.  Some of these tunnels are directly connected to the surface of the rock by substantial holes that form the blowholes. When a wave crashes in to the mounds of the lava tunnels they create a huge pressure inside the cave which is released through the blowholes. This setup allows you walk up directly to the blowhole and virtually stand next to it while it blows. The holes are partly 10 or more meters away from where the waves crash into the coast.

This guarantees an amazing experience. While you stand next to a big gaping hole you better scan the waves coming in to the coast. Once you get a real big wave, get ready for what is going to happen next. The wave crashes into the rocks and after a 5 second delay the blowhole starts roaring like a starting jet and keeps the pressure up for several seconds spitting out a solid stream of air and water. Only at the end you get some plain water splashing out. The locals know the exact timing and will sometimes throw coconuts into the hole to entertain the tourists.  The coconuts are propelled more than 12 meters up into the air before they drop into the ocean.

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4 Responses to Best Blowhole ever

  1. Dagmar Runte says:

    Love to hear your laugh

  2. Hallo Thomas,
    nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Gruß von Arne (Malle kurz vor – damals noch “Deinem” Start).
    Ich bin nach der Unfallzwangspause wieder seglerisch aktiv wie vorher. Gerade läuft vermutlich der letzte Turn dieses Jahres (Bretagne, heute Ile de Brehat).
    Euch beiden weiterhin gute Zeit und immer genug Luft zum Atmen!!!
    LG Arne

    • admin says:

      Hallo Arne, uns geht es unverschämt gut. Fidschi ist eine Traumdestination. Habe diverse Tauchgänge unternommen. Viele am Aussenriff über schier unendlichen Abgründen. Leider geht die Saison auch hier viel zu früh zuende und wir müssen bald anfangen nach Wetterfenstern für die Rückkehr nach Neuseeland Ausschau zu halten denn ab November ist Cyclone Season..
      Aber Neuseeland im Sommer ist auch nicht schlecht :).
      Beste Grüße

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