Healing Journey – Update 04/2021

It’s about time for annother update on my cancer treatment. The last update was written while I was still in the middle of chemo and no decisions had been made regarding the stem cell transplant.

The effects of the chemo, more information from my oncologist and the begining of the covid crisis lead to a decision about my further treatment. For one thing I was getting less and less confident in the idea that treating your body with poisons (chemo) will make me healthy. Secondly the plans of my oncologist to keep me on maintenance chemo for as long as funding was available put me off, as I had been planing on going sailing for extended periods of time again. Also the next planned therapy – stem stell transplant seemed overly destructive and outright stupid in light of the covid pandemic starting. During stem cell transplant the patient receives a very destructive chemo at some point that among other effects, pretty much destroys the immune system so that you have to be kept in isolation for several weeks because any germ or virus that gets to you could wipe you out.

At that point – after 4 months of chemo my cancer indicators (para-proteins) were down to 3 mg/ltr so I was in a pretty good remission. Gaylyn and I had started reading up about alternative therapies, we watched the very helpful videos on Chris Beat Cancer and read up about a lot of other people’s experiences with fighting cancer. As a result I decided that before going down any further on the path of allopathic, destructive medicine I was going to give nature cures a chance.

My oncologist was rather unhappy with this decision and it appeared to me that they were trying to scare me back into their planned course of treatment. But my mind was made up and I soon faded out all of the drugs I had still been taking and started the diet that I had agreed on with Gaylyn.

We had been adapting our diet to be more healthy ever since I had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma but now went for the real thing:

  • Intermediate fasting – we are only eating from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Outside of those times only water is allowed.
  • Alcohol, sugars, meat, processed foods are removed from the diet, leaving us eating only food that comes straight from the field – as much as possible grown organically.
  • All water we consume is filtered.
  • Overdosing on healthy nutrients – I (or rather Gaylyn while I was still working) started juicing 1 1/2 kg of carrots plus beetroot, lemon, ginger and turmeric every morning.
  • Breaking the fast at 11:00 with a celery juice and fresh fruit.
  • The Budwig Protocol consisting of most of the above dietary restrictions as well as a mix of quark ( a german type of cottage cheese) and flax seed oil.
  • Plenty of fresh, organic seasonal fruit.
  • A big bowl of salad as the main meal of the day along with a little bit of cooked food.
  • Plenty of fresh air, sunlight and exercise.

As with all alternative therapies and diets every publication will prominently state that it is unproven that anything good can come from it, to not be immediately sued by the pharmaceutical lobby but it appears that there are a huge host of people that have managed to cure cancer in all sorts of states with all natural diets.

Although my oncologist has yet to acknowledge that anything unexpected has occurred, half a year after stopping chemo and starting the above diet my cancer indicators dropped from 3 mg/ltr to ‘too faint to quantify’. I have lost over 20kg of weight and have regained my fitness that was pretty much gone after 4 months of chemo.

Gaylyn and I have since trained up engaging in increasingly long and strenuous hikes and we have just achieved our goal which was to do the Tongiraro Alpine Crossing.

In the end only time can tell, but I am currently not too worried about the cancer coming back. I am living my life pretty much as before except a lot healthier. This winter we are planing on flying to Australia to visit the family and explore some more of the red continent.

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  1. Arne Holthoff says:

    Endlich! Ich bin erleichtert. Nichts ist für den Leser so beängstigend wie ein nicht mehr weiter geschriebenes Tagebuch.

    Willkommen zurück in einer – wenn auch veränderten – Normalität. Lass uns, die Besucher Deiner Website, wenigstens gelegentlich wieder teilhaben an dieser eurer Normalität. Wir erwarten nichts spektakuläres – kleine Abernteuer, launige Ereignisse, überraschende Genüsse, nette Bekanntschaften, gute Fotos, interessante Bücher… Wir nehmen es wie es kommt 😉

    Liebe Grüße und gute Zeiten!!!

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