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memyselfHere you can find some facts about me, my past my presence and my plans for the future. One prominent fact about my current situation is related to my employment situation. I have spent the last 15 years of my life, developing a software company together with my partners which allowed me to get along quite well. Nevertheless it was never my plan to enslave myself forever.  Rather than that I planed to put aside enough money to be able to quit the rat race at some point and spend some time cruising the planet. That is what I am doing now.

Since September 2011, I am proud to own a sailing yacht and since March 2012 I have only my yacht and the seven seas as a home.

This used to go on about how I had bought the boat without knowing how to sail and that I was learning to do so in the Balearic Islands. I am updating this 4 years and two oceans later. I guess I have learnt the basics of sailing by now.


In August 2012 Gaylyn joined me as crew for a trip to Sardegna, Sicilly and Malta. Sailing along it did not take us long to decide that she would join me for a tour of the planet instead. Gaylyn was born in New Zealand but has spent most her life in Australia. So since August the primary language on Qi is English with German, Australian and kiwi flavors. We married in August 2014 on a beach in Moorea.

From  May 2012 on I have been sailing Qi around the Balearic Islands, together with Gaylyn and two crew I headed out into the Atlantic in November, setting out for the Caribbean. Gaylyn and I went through the Panama Canal and the Pacific in 2014 and spent most of 2015 in Australia. In January 2016 we crossed the Tasman to NZ,  meanwhile we are happily cruising the Pacific again.

We are not yet sure about the next moves but we are looking forward to getting back to the Mediterranean at some point. Currently we still have a lot to do in the Pacific and New Zealand so it is not quite clear when we will head off for the Indian Ocean.

To whom it might concern – I was born 1963. My company dealt with the development of software solutions and services in the field of telephony voice response systems and call centers and was specialized in quality assurance on the above systems. Software development was mainly in C/C++, perl and java. Privately I have developed some knowledge in web technologies and created a fairly complex Android phone application. When I have overcome my current reluctance against software development, I plan to develop some more phone apps.

My current geographical position is reflected in the title of this blog. You find current contact information on the Contact page.

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